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Thank you for your support in helping me tell stories to children all over the world that teach them social-emotional learning (SEL) skills to inspire them to be their best in their homes, classrooms, and communities.


Together we are equipping children with daily life and social skills that will go with them throughout their lives impacting their relationships and education.


Not only will you find SEL books that I have published here, but you will also have access to FREEBIES! These freebies are to help you continue the conversation on the importance of SEL daily life and social skills for the growth, development, and independence of the children you know, love, and care for! 

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How can I help you?

Buy My Books

Looking for books that teach daily life and social skills in fun and educational ways? I write books that help children in elementary and middle school to learn essential social-emotional intelligence skills through fables, rhymes and page turning chapter books. Order your today!

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Book an Author Visit

Looking for fun and engaging visits for your elementary and middle schoolers where we talk about social skills, positive peer relationships, and how to be upstandards when facing bullying? Click the link below to book your engaging author visits that include reading books from my social skills series, robust Q+A sessions, interactive reading comprehensive games, anti-bullying workshops, and more!

Book Me to Speak

From conferences, trainings, to empowerment and motivation for youth, I am a thought leader and influential entrepreneur that loves to speaking to youth and adults. Youth-what it means to be an author and entrepreneur-the power of telling your story. Adults-branding and marketing for your businesses, just to name a few topics. If you're searching for a speaker, click below to learn more.

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Books Created for Children that Foster Pride, Independence, Character and Love for Literacy

I'm happy to announce that my book, "The Scary Dinosaur and The Stinky Skunk: A Fable on Accepting Differences and Making New Friends", made it to BookAuthority's Best New Making Friends eBooks BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support!