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Meet D.M. Whitaker
Author, Speaker, Publisher

D.M. Whitaker, author and speaker, has always been a lover of books since a child. Inspired by being a mother and educator, D.M. loves to write children’s books and rhymes that will sketch beautiful memories in children’s hearts. Her books help parents, educators and childcare providers teach children daily life and social skills through stories that inspire them to be their best every day in their homes, classrooms and communities.

When she is not writing new stories, she is coaching and helping other new and aspiring authors publish and brand their books through her agency, Water Rocks Publishing. She is a wife and mother of two boys, and enjoys family vacations, outdoor activities, and serving with her husband and sorority. 

Meet Duce Whitaker

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Duce Whitaker is an active 7-year-old with a vivid imagination full of stories that he loves to create and share at nap time and bedtime. Hence, the creation of these fun stories in the Scary Dinosaur and Stinky Skunk Series. Duce enjoys listening and singing along to his favorite playlists, preaching sermons he creates, playing with his action figures Ninja Turtles and Sonic, and cooking up hot, delicious meals in his kitchen. He enjoys playing basketball, t-ball, and soccer. Duce especially loves math, playing, and learning alongside his little brother Elisha, whom he lovingly calls his best friend.

Social Skills Books

Social Skills are skills children use to communicate and interact with others. These skills promote better peer relationships and foster more kind and respectful environments.

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Daily Life Skills Books

Daily Life Skills are skills children learn to gain independence in their daily living. These skills are applied immediately to their lives and help to establish a quality of life.

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