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The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace is a heartwarming chapter book for girls ages 10-13 that tackles the challenges of middle school. Jade, coping with the loss of her mother, and Grace, feeling neglected due to her family's new twins, are two girls from different worlds who form an unlikely bond.


Through a series of experiences, including:

★Coping with Bullies

♥Facing Fears

★Dealing with Family Issues

♥Losing a Parent - Single Parent Home Environment

Jade and Grace learn to support each other through tough times. As they build their friendship, they also learn to embrace their individual strengths and passions.

"Jade and Grace" is an inspiring chapter book thataddresses themes such as:

★ Self-discovery

♥ Overcoming adversity

★ The power of true friendship

♥ Social and self-awareness

★ Self-management of emotions

♥ Relationship skills with peers and adults

★ Making responsible decisions


With relatable characters and a heartfelt message, this book is a must-read for any young girl navigating the challenges of middle school.

The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace: A Girls' Guide to Making Friends

Paperback or Hardcover
  • Paperback version; social skills middle grade chapter book for girls 10-13 years old

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