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Introducing the best planner for your favorite middle school and high school girls!


This planner consists of:


★Monthly and Weekly Pages: Stay organized and plan your weeks with ease.

◆Bullet Journaling Pages: Express yourself creatively while jotting down thoughts and memories.

♥Inspiring Quotes: Find motivation in empowering quotes tailored for girls.

★Yearly Goals Section: Set achievable goals and track your progress throughout the year.

◆Birthday and Special Dates Pages: Never miss an important occasion again.

♥Year in Review Section: Celebrate your accomplishments and growth.


Benefits for Middle School and High School Girls:


  • Empowerment: Draw strength from motivating quotes inspired by The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace.
  • Organization: Seamlessly manage schoolwork, activities, and personal commitments.
  • Creativity: Use bullet journaling to explore your creativity and express yourself.
  • Reflection: Reflect on your achievements and learnings with the "Year in Review" section.
  • Goal Setting: Set clear goals and take steps towards realizing your dreams.
  • Self-Discovery: Navigate challenges with a planner that's tailored to your needs.


Join Jade and Grace on their journey and unlock your full potential with this planner. Elevate your middle school and high school experience and create a roadmap for personal growth and success. Get your planner today and embark on a year filled with purpose, positivity, and grand adventures!


♥★Check out other books, journals and coloring books in The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace Series! ♥★

The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace: Weekly and Monthly Undated Planner

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