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Jade + Grace's

Why Did We Write
The Grand Adventures of Jade and Grace?

A middle grade series for girls growing into their unique identity while tackling all the middle school drama and life's struggles thrown at them.

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Love the

Jade and Grace



Meet Jade + Grace


D.M. Whitaker

D.M. Whitaker is an author, publisher, and speaker. As a storyteller, she writes children’s books that help parents, educators, and caregivers teach children daily life and social skills through creative and educational stories. 

Her stories are written to teach the importance of social and emotional learning through skills and daily practices, helping children to be their best in their homes, classrooms, and communities. 

When she is not writing new stories, she owns and operates a publishing agency, Water Rocks Publishing, new and aspiring authors, publish and brand their stories with the intention to inspire, encourage, and educate.

D.M. is a proud wife and mother of two boys, one whom she co-authors her social and emotional learning skills series with! She enjoys reading, content creating, homeschooling her boys, and trying new outdoor adventures with her family. 

D.M. Johnson


D.M. Johnson is a licensed therapist, author, and educator. She has over 10 years of experience providing counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults with various issues such as depression, grief, and anxiety. 

She has written therapy journals for adults and children to help them get the most out of therapy and achieve their therapy goals in optimal time.

As a child, she loved reading the novel series The Babysitters Club, so it's only right that she collaborated with her twin sister to write their very own novel series.

D.M. Johnson is a proud wife and mother to a dynamic 3-year-old whom she enjoys reading stories to every night. She loves walks in nature, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and binge-watching Marvel movies and shows with her husband.

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