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Hey Mama! Keep Shining! is a gratitude journal for the multitasking boss mama that wears many hats, but motherhood is her favorite. She doesn't want to forget all the special things her children say and do as they grow. She wants to write her prayers and affirmations for herself and her children while keeping track of her goals, holding herself accountable to the self-care she deserves and cherishing her wins as a mama and woman. ♥This gratitude journal allows you to:


Track goals that you set for yourself as a mama


Record special moments and memories between you and your children


Write down prayers and affirmation that keep you going, motivated and inspired


Celebrate how you honored yourself with self-care


Evaluate what is going well in motherhood and what you want to keep striving for in the coming days, weeks, months, and years!


Praise yourself in your winning moments as a mama and woman!


This gratitude journal provides a special place for it all.


Find balance, celebrate victories, and reflect on how you can continue to grow on your journey of motherhood and womanhood.

Hey Mama! Keep Shining! Guided Journal

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  • Guided Journal for Moms

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